Pyrococcus furiosus Prolyl Oligopeptidase: A Dynamic Supramolecular Host for Peptidase and Dirhodium Catalysis

Ellis-Guardiola, K.; Rui, H.; Beckner, R.;# Srivastava, P.; Sukumar, N.*; Roux, B.*; Lewis, J. C.* Crystal Structure and Conformational Dynamics of Pyrococcus furiosus Prolyl Oligopeptidase. Biochemistry2019, 58, 1616.

The studies detailed in this manuscript were originally reported on ChemRxiv. The ChemRxiv manuscript detailed how the large scale conformational dynamics outlined in the Biochemistry paper can be used to rationalize the specificity of dirhodium ArMs created from the POP scaffold for cyclopropanation over water O-H insertion. Unfortunately, we were unable to convince reviewers of the latter point, but you can still read about it on ChemRxiv here!

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