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Jared Lewis

Principal Investigator

Department of Chemistry
Indiana University
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Dr. Autumn Kim

Flavin-dependent halogenases

Dr. Vikas Thakur

Enzymatic Polymer Degradation

Graduate Students


Artificial Metalloenzymes

Pratibha Gandhi

Flavin-Dependent Halogenases

Ayantika Ghosh

Non-native Fe2KG enzyme catalysis

Paras Gupta


Subhrajit Karmakar

Non-native Fe2KG Enzyme Catalysis

Amardeep Kumar

Non-native B12 enzyme catalysis

Sandip Mishra

Artificial Metalloenzymes

Cahmlo Olive

Flavin-Dependent Halogenases

Prajwal Prabhu

Non-Native Fe2KG Enzyme Catalysis

Prabir Saha

Artificial Metalloenzymes


undergrad image

Aqeel Niyaz

Haidy Attalla

Mason Walker

Nathan Blackwellz

We are always looking for talented undergraduates who are excited to get into the lab and learn what research is all about! Please contact Prof. Lewis or a Lewis group member for more information.