Anusha Manganahalli

Non-native Fe2KG enzyme catalysis and enzymatic polymer degradation B.S., Chemistry, Christ University, Bangalore, India M.S., Chemistry, St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore, India

Dr. Vikas Thakur

Enzymatic polymer degradation B.S., Biotechnology, Himachal Pradesh University, Una, India M.S., Biotechnology, Panjab University, India Ph.D., Microbial Biotechnology, CSIR, India Google scholar:

Dr. Autumn Kim

Flavin-dependent halogenase biocatalysis and engineering B.S., Chemistry, Sookmyung Women’s University, Seoul, South Korea Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Florida, Gainesville

Dr. Jianbin Li

Non-native B12 enzyme catalysis B.S. Chemistry, Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China Ph.D., Chemistry, McGill University, Quebec, Canada ORCID: 0000-0003-4956-7625

Ayantika Ghosh

Non-native enzyme catalysis B.S. and M.S., Chemistry, Jadavpur University


Artificial Metalloenzymes and non-native enzyme catalysis B.S. Chemistry, University of Delhi M.S. Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Prabir Saha

Artificial Metalloenzymes B.S. Chemistry, University of Calcutta M.S. Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

Amardeep Kumar

Non-native enzyme catalysis B.S. Chemistry, University of Delhi M.S. Chemistry, IIT Bombay Papers: Controlling Non-Native B12 Reactivity and Catalysis in the Transcription Factor CarH  

Caitlin Roof

Halogenase Engineering B.S. Chemistry (Comparative Lit. minor), Indiana University

Dr. Bingqing Liu

Artificial Metalloenzymes B.S. Applied Chemistry, Hubei University M.S. Organic Chemistry, Hubei University Ph.D. Chemistry, North Dakota State University (with Wenfang Sun) Postdoc, University of South Florida (with Xiaopeng Li) Papers: Controlling the Optical and Catalytic Properties of Artificial Metalloenzyme Photocatalysts Using Chemogenetic Engineering Metal-Responsive Regulation of Enzyme Catalysis Using Genetically Encoded Chemical Switches