Dr. Bingqing Liu

Artificial Metalloenzymes B.S. Applied Chemistry, Hubei University M.S. Organic Chemistry, Hubei University Ph.D. Chemistry, North Dakota State University (with Wenfang Sun) Postdoc, University of South Florida (with Xiaopeng Li) Papers: Controlling the Optical and Catalytic Properties of Artificial Metalloenzyme Photocatalysts Using Chemogenetic Engineering Metal-Responsive Regulation of Enzyme Catalysis Using Genetically Encoded Chemical Switches

Dr. Rui Huang

Artificial Metalloenzymes and kinase engineering B.S. Biotechnology, Sun Yat-sen University M.S. Microbiology, Sun Yat-sen University Ph.D. Biological Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech. (Zhang Lab) Papers: Engineering Dirhodium Artificial Metalloenzymes for Diazo Coupling Cascade Reactions A High-throughput Method for Directed Evolution of NAD(P)+ dependent Dehydrogenases for the Reduction of Biomimetic Nicotinamide Analogues